Research Talks

Here are the slides for some of the seminars and conference talks I have given recently. Some older talks are on my old ROE-hosted site here.

2022: Coronal Reverberation
Talk at the Torus2022: Smoke and Mirrors conference, Leiden, Dec 2022

2022: Introduction to megaconstellations
Talk at FAS webinar on “The Challenge of Megaconstellations”, online.

2022: The Case for Space Environmentalism
Talk at SUPA meeting, Edinburgh/online.

2021: Constellations, Sustainability, and the impact one the night sky
Talk at GNOSIS Annual Conference, Birmingham/online

2021: Issues in the New Space Age
Talk at UK National Astronomy Meeting, Bath/online

2021: Megaconstellations: bigger than astronomy
Talk at European Astronomical Society meeting, Leiden/online

2019: Wandering Astronomers: The past, present and future of mountaintop astronomy.
Talk at “Stars, Pyramids, and Photographs“, Piazzi Smyth Symposium, Royal Society of Edinburgh

2019: Quasars from the Inside Out
Talk at “Quasars in Crisis“, Edinburgh.

2019: Lasair
Talk at LSST Community Brokers Workshop, Seattle

2018: Extreme AGN variability 
Talk at workshop on “Transients in New Surveys“, Lorentz Centre, Leiden

2018: Notebooks for the VO – hope or hype?
Talk at IVOA meeting, Victoria, Canada.

2018: Extreme variability in AGN
Seminar at Nottingham University Astronomy Group

2017:  AGN extreme variables and LSST
Talk at “Unveiling the Physics behind Extreme AGN variability“, US Virgin Islands

2017: AGN variability campaigns with LSST
Talk at LSST:UK fusion workshop, Cambridge.

2017: AGN hypervariables: three models
Talk at ePESSTO consortium meeting, Belfast

2015: Clues to the structure of AGN through massive variability surveys
Talk at “Astronomical Surveys and Big Data“, a conference held in Byurakan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Markarian Surveys. The written conference proceedings version is also on ArXiv

2015: AGN hypervariables in PS1
Talk given at UK National Astronomy Meeting, Llandudno.

2015: How common are dusty AGN?
Talk given at ROE Quasar workshop

2014: Lyman Power
Talk at Durham AGN winds meeting.