I have produced a variety of scientific papers, books, and research seminars and talks, while working at several different institutions in the UK and USA. Here is a short summary, with links to more detailed information if you would like it.


In brief, I have worked in Leicester, MIT, Sussex, London, and Edinburgh, with a sabbatical stint at Stanford. You can see a standard two-page CV this PDF file, or a fuller CV with gory details about various management and political episodes in this file, or you can read the more chatty version of my career story.

Scientific Papers

Over a 45 year research career I have published over three hundred scientific papers, with 181 of these in refereed journals. For those who care about this sort of thing, my papers have notched up 24,45 citations, giving me an h-index of 77. Most of these papers are on the topic of Active Galaxies, but a bunch of other stuff too. You can see links to all my papers, and more stats on my research papers page


I have published a popular book called “Losing The Sky” about sky pollution by satellites, and two academic textbooks, one on “Probability in Physics”, and the other on “Astronomical Measurement”, both with Springer. I have also published a short historical/popular booklet on the life and achievements of Charles Piazzi Smyth, the notorious and fascinating second Astronomer Royal for Scotland. More books may be in the pipeline, but you can believe that when you see it. Meanwhile take a look at my Books page for some more information, and links to where to buy the books!

Research Talks

Over the years, I have given many conference talks and seminars. You can find PDF versions of some of my recent talks on the research talks page . I often find other people’s talks better than their actual papers – I hope mine are helpful to somebody! You can find my popular talks in the outreach section of the website.